Try a new experience!

I’m going fishing tomorrow. Seriously. On a boat. With a fishing rod. And some smelly stuff on the end of the hooky thing. I’ve made salad and scones for the occasion. Why am I doing this? Because I haven’t done it before.

I have been thinking about experiences lately, mainly due to one of Ed Sheeran’s latest songs in which he sings about smoking hand-rolled cigarettes and drinking cheap spirits when he was a teenager. And he is not the only star to anecdote-ise about these things. It seems that in order to be successful as a star/ artist, you need to have flouted the rules of society in your younger years. Maybe this gives you something to sing about. Maybe this will give me something to write about. Hmmm…The only problem is that I don’t think I misbehaved in my teens. So, unless I enter my second childhood pretty soon (which is almost inevitable) I need to find some adult ways of making some ‘Did I tell you about the time I…’ moments.

Let’s think about some things I have done for the first time in recent years:
I bunked school with Debbey and a bottle of Apple Breeze Cane Spirits. Oh no wait. That was when I was 17.
I went to Bella Napoli disco in shorts with Racquel and met random guys. Hang on. That was when I was
What about the uni beach party with a laundry tub of punch and sand in my undies? Nope. I was 19 at that time.

Okay, so maybe I do have things to write about!

Which brings me to another thought. Are we the sum of our experiences? Bernard Beckett wrote a fascinating book called Lullaby in which one twin has lost his memory. Doctors want to syphen off his brother’s memories and insert them into his mind. The question posed is whether he now becomes his brother.

That being the case, if we have shared experiences with someone (like the shenanigans Debbey and I got up to in high school) do we form some sort of bond with them? I like to think so. There is something wonderful about reminiscing with a friend, or a sibling, or a child, where you keep interrupting each other as you remember more and more details and become excited by the reliving. This is why we need to make memories. This is why we need to experience new things.

So… I have decided to try things I haven’t done before. Those who know me well will be perplexed at this point, wondering what else there could possibly be in the world that I (of all people) have not tried yet. At least once. I will find these things! Starting with fishing tomorrow.

I just hope it’s a little less painful than the cortisone injection I had in my hip on Friday!


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I am in the process of becoming an author. Or maybe I have always been one, but just hidden it behind the facade of an English teacher.
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One Response to Try a new experience!

  1. Debbey says:

    Those certainly were the days. I certainly didn’t realise at the time that the shenanigans would turn into memories that would last a lifetime. Those four years that we were joined at the hip is only a fraction of the years lived on this earth, and yet they hold a large space in the memory banks and the heart. Perhaps the memories are so clear because we were young and carefree, before marriage and kids, mortgages and house maintenance and the general financial pressure of being an ‘adult’. So the only thing you need to take fishing is an open mind – who knows, you just might find a new hobby or catch a whopper. Either way, enjoy and make new memories – but we’ll always have Apple Breeze!

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