The good, the bad and the ugly

Let’s look back at my week. Compared to some other weeks, it has been quite eventful. What do you mean it’s only Tuesday?!

Take last night, for instance. The good moment was finding an awesome airbnb house to rent over Christmas on the Gold Coast. The bad moment was getting a txt this morning to say the house had been sold and was no longer available. The ugly moment was me crying into my corn flakes because I was so happy with that house and I need to wait until my refund comes through before I can book another one and I won’t find another one as perfect. Although… maybe booking it in the first place was a bit hasty. I am a student after all, with an erratic income. That’s ‘erratic’, not ‘erotic’. (Note to self: look into that as an option.)

Then there was Sunday. I played darts in a local competition. That’s the good part. The bad part was my aim. The ugly part was the very drunk, very loud women arguing over the rules at the end, having extended play because, strangely enough, the more you drink, the less accurately you throw.dart-board-1247083_960_720

Which brings me to the rest of this week. The good thing about this week is that it’s the last week of term. That means I only have a few more days to take responsibility for hoards of unruly teenagers with limited vocabularies. The bad thing is that I will be back to the uncertainty of relief teaching, hoping for phone calls to offer me a day’s work (to pay for said holiday accommodation). The ugly thing is that I told myself I’d start eating better when the term is over. That means less cake.

As for after the holidays… the good thing is my sister coming to visit. Another good thing is the structural edit I will do on my book. Yet another good thing is my son deciding to go to uni after all. And yet another good thing is my daughter still being at home for the rest of the year.

So, on balance, good triumphs. Again.



About writing2guru

I am in the process of becoming an author. Or maybe I have always been one, but just hidden it behind the facade of an English teacher.
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