The end of an era

I have a new job at a different school. That’s right, I am leaving the place that shall not be named. I know what you’re thinking – yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this before. I know I’ve had four farewells and it has become a running joke at the school. People laugh and say, ‘You’ll never leave.’ I laugh and say, ‘One day I will.’ And we both laugh and carry on with our day. Well, tomorrow is my last day there. For now perhaps.

I thought this picture of my burger tonight showed a suitable metaphor of death. And you can’t get more final than death.20170801_193406_resized

Am I giving up my studies, I hear you ask. No. Does that mean I won’t finish my novel, you ask. No. I am a woman of many talents.  I am on the second draft and will have it done by the end of October. I will make sure to post photos of my graduation next year. And of the book cover. Even if no one wants to publish it and I make a cover on Publisher. Or hand draw it.

I just got tired of looking after other people’s classes, so I took on some of my own. So much for having a year’s break from teaching! I guess it’s in my blood 🙂


About writing2guru

I am in the process of becoming an author. Or maybe I have always been one, but just hidden it behind the facade of an English teacher.
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