Anyone got a bridge for sale?

Technically, it’s still winter, but the sun is shining. That makes everything better. I had a gap in teaching today so I went and bought a coffee (fair trade, I might add). I parked down at the beach and watched the gulls float on the water. I thought of taking a picture for my blog, but I didn’t want to ruin the feeling. Do you sometimes find that you are so intent on capturing every moment to share on social media, that you forget to live in the moment? Anyway, I decided against it. The tide was in and the water was sparkling. It was almost enough to remind me that there is life outside the classroom.

The sun is shining…20170227_083723

I started writing this blog the other day. Then I stopped. Why? Was it a lie? Was the sun not shining? No, none of those things. It’s just that when I started thinking of life outside the classroom, I had nothing more to say. Now that I’m teaching full time for five months, there seems to be little time for anything outside of school work. So you see, I found that my thoughts were turning to the dark side. And nobody wants to read that.

Let me tell you how my novel is going. I was up at 5.30 this morning, working on it. By 4pm I had had about enough of rewriting and editing. But you know what? I loved it! I had plans to do all sorts of things if I got tired of writing. I was going to go for a walk, bake brownies, make lemon curd. I didn’t get to any of these things. I was living with my characters. Late this afternoon we went to the shop and it felt surreal. My mind was still in my book. It was awesome! I might just do it again tomorrow.

The question now is, what will I do next year? I could stay home and write, and not get paid, and end up living under a bridge. I could get another teaching job, have my brain implode, and end up living under a bridge. I could just sell my house and buy my own bridge right now, just in case.

Know of anyone selling one?


About writing2guru

I am in the process of becoming an author. Or maybe I have always been one, but just hidden it behind the facade of an English teacher.
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One Response to Anyone got a bridge for sale?

  1. N says:

    You could maintain that ‘bridge,’ rather than walking across it back to full-time time teaching, distancing yourself from what you cherish and enjoy – writing!

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