Send in the clowns

A short play in one act, one scene.
Scene 1: A dark staged forest with cardboard trees.
Player one enters from stage left.

P1: Okay I’ve had enough. Yoo hoo! I said I’ve had enough!
Player two enters unseen from stage right and hides behind a tree.
P2: What’s the safe word?
P1: I can’t remember. Is it ‘stop’?
P2: What do you take me for? I wouldn’t have come up with a word like ‘stop’. Try again.
P1: Um, is it ‘Rumplestiltskin’?
P2: You’re an idiot.
P1: Listen, whoever you are, I really can’t remember and I would rather like to get out.
P2: But you haven’t found the meaning of life yet. You still have time. It’s only September the 14th.
P1: But I’m tired of feeling useless and ignored and broke and uncertain and…
P2: (booming voice) Enough!
P1: Ooh, scary voice. Well done.
P2: Thanks. Listen. You chose this path this year. You knew what it would entail. You can’t get out now.
P1: Is this some sort of joke? Am I part of an act? Like a circus act?
P2: W-w-what do you mean?
P1: Well, is the curtain going to open to reveal an audience? Or a dancing elephant?
Player two hurries offstage. Voices heard offstage.
P2: She knows. What should I do?
P3: Just send in the clowns.



About writing2guru

I am in the process of becoming an author. Or maybe I have always been one, but just hidden it behind the facade of an English teacher.
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